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Spicy Sea Lyrics Adventures

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Spicy Sea Adventures Explicit Lyrics


Spicy Sea Adventures Explicit Lyrics

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Leaving few Caribbean ports unplundered, Carne Cruda establishes itself as a purveyor of fine Latin and Caribbean dance music, fusing a variety of influences into one hard-hitting booty-shaking sound. The album features everything from rocking surf-cumbia, swinging-soca, reggae-son and guajira-boogaloo to free-jazz and beyond, taking you deep into the depths of the sea and spitting you back out into a more just world. Keep your eyes peeled, Spicy Sea Adventures will be upon you before you know what hit you. Also appearing on this album are a plethera of special guests, including master percussionist Edgardo Cambon, Kevin Kmets on the Japanese Shamisen, Andy Mendoza formerly of Ozomatli, Marco Diaz of Vission Latina, veteran drummer Paul van Wageningen of Machete Ensemble, David Florez from QBA and O-Maya/AguaLibre, and more. This album is really fun and interesting, check it out!

From the Artist

Carne Cruda is a Latin and Caribbean dance band from the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in rocking down global capitalism by playing booty-shaking grooves to move your feet to.

Spicy Sea Adventures Explicit Lyrics

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