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Jack Link’s Beef Snack Sticks Original Count 36 of 14 Pack Excellence Dallas Mall 2

Jack Link’s Beef Snack Sticks, Original, 36 Count (Pack of 2, 14


Jack Link’s Beef Snack Sticks, Original, 36 Count (Pack of 2, 14

Product description

We call this Turf ‘n Turf. These 100% beef sticks are made with our classic blend of original spices and we naturally smoke each piece to mouthwatering perfection. They’re made with 100% beef, No chicken, No pork - just beef mixed with our signature blend of herbs and spices. They’re an epic protein snack you’re sure to crave!

From the manufacturer

B000GW6786 B07JL8WLDQ B07JLT9FK9 B07656V1P7 lunch box snacks, jerky snacks
Good Source of Protein
Available Flavors Original, Teriyaki, Peppered Classic (Original, Peppered, Teriyaki) amp; Bold (Jalapeño, Peppered, Sweet and Hot) Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet amp; Hot, Wild Heat Original, Teriyaki, Blackberry BBQ Original, Teriyaki
Pack Size 2 oz 12 pack 1.25 oz 15 pack 9 oz 2 pack 0.9 oz 12 pack 0.625 oz 5 amp; 20 packs
Lunchbox Friendly

Jack Link’s Beef Snack Sticks, Original, 36 Count (Pack of 2, 14

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