$23 10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Artificial Plants Fake Flowe Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Plants Artificial Flowe Sacramento Mall Fake Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Cotton,astroritualacademy.com,Plants,Natural,Head,Dried,Artificial,Flower,Fake,/architectonic1106642.html,10,Flowe,$23 Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Cotton,astroritualacademy.com,Plants,Natural,Head,Dried,Artificial,Flower,Fake,/architectonic1106642.html,10,Flowe,$23 10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Plants Artificial Flowe Sacramento Mall Fake $23 10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Artificial Plants Fake Flowe Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Philadelphia Mall 10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Plants Artificial Flowe Sacramento Mall Fake

10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Artificial Plants Fake Flowe


10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Artificial Plants Fake Flowe

Product description


Product Features

1.The cotton pods and sepals are natural preserved.
2.Natural Cotton And Rayon Mix, High Quality, natural white.
3. Each Stem is 40cm. Cotton Ball Size is 4*5 cm.
4.Great for Wreaths、 Garlands、 Florals,、Crafts Projects,、Vase Filler,、Home Decor and so on.

Product Description

Material : Natural Cotton
Quantity : 10 Balls per Stem
Head Height : 3.5-4.0cm
Total Length : 40-45cm
Head Diameter : 4.5-5.0cm

10 Head Natural Dried Cotton Flower Artificial Plants Fake Flowe

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