Display Touch NEW before selling ☆ Screen AMOLED Digitizer with Assembly Frame for Display Touch NEW before selling ☆ Screen AMOLED Digitizer with Assembly Frame for astroritualacademy.com,Assembly,Digitizer,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,for,Frame,(AMOLED),Touch,$153,Display,/architectonic1489342.html,with,Screen astroritualacademy.com,Assembly,Digitizer,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,for,Frame,(AMOLED),Touch,$153,Display,/architectonic1489342.html,with,Screen $153 Display Touch Screen (AMOLED) Digitizer Assembly with Frame for Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $153 Display Touch Screen (AMOLED) Digitizer Assembly with Frame for Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Display Touch Limited Special Price NEW before selling ☆ Screen AMOLED Digitizer with Assembly Frame for

Display Touch Screen (AMOLED) Digitizer Assembly with Frame for


Display Touch Screen (AMOLED) Digitizer Assembly with Frame for

Product Description


  • PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (with Frame) All Models Unlocked
  • AMAZING REPLACEMENT: Repair/Replacing old, broken, cracked, damaged faulty Display with touch screen display problems, dead pixels, cracked screens, wrong color issues.
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED SCREEN FRAME: New Front Screen Frame/Bezel was pre-assembled. (For EASY DIY) (It is very difficult to separate the Frame/Bezel from the old display assembly. And assembling the frame/bezel and display assembly is easy to destroy themselves.)
  • NEW REAR COVER ADHESIVE: Removing the rear glass panel destroys the adhesive holding it in place. So you must replace it with a new one.
  • 100% QUALITY TESTING: All screens test passed before shipping. Please test screen before installation. Promise 30-days Unconditional Refund.


  • Refer to the installation tutorial video on the Internet.
  • Each screw should be installed into original location, because they are not same length! Never tighten screw over limit!
  • Screen problem (malfunction/random/iffy) when battery charging from a different outlet or charger. That is OK when not charging.
  • If you meet with some issues (cannot turn on, touch insensitive, flash, lines on screen, ghost click etc), please try this: Power off your phone, disconnect all the cables including the battery cable, clean the connector on the motherboard, reconnect the cables, leave the phone alone for a while in a dry environment, a hard reset of your phone, power on.

  • 1* Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly (with Front Frame/Bezel)
  • 1* Screen Protector
  • 1* Rear Cover Adhesive
  • 1* Philips Head 1* Suction Cup 1* Replacement Adhesive
  • 2* Pry Pick 4* Plastic Triangle Pry 1* Wet/Dry Cleaning Wipes

Display Touch Screen (AMOLED) Digitizer Assembly with Frame for

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