,Jewels,$65,Gold,14k,Pendant,Yellow,Sonia,/atoxic849279.html,G,Initial,Letter,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $65 Sonia Jewels 14k Yellow Gold Initial Letter G Pendant Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $65 Sonia Jewels 14k Yellow Gold Initial Letter G Pendant Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women,Jewels,$65,Gold,14k,Pendant,Yellow,Sonia,/atoxic849279.html,G,Initial,Letter,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women Sonia Jewels 14k Yellow Gold Pendant Letter G Initial Long Beach Mall Sonia Jewels 14k Yellow Gold Pendant Letter G Initial Long Beach Mall

Sonia Jewels 14k Miami Mall Yellow Gold Pendant Letter G Initial Long Beach Mall

Sonia Jewels 14k Yellow Gold Initial Letter G Pendant


Sonia Jewels 14k Yellow Gold Initial Letter G Pendant

Product description

Brand new 14k yellow gold initial letter "G" pendant / charm. This elegant item is pure 14k gold, not plated, authenticated with a 14k stamp. The bail is extremely durable. The pendant is absolutely stunning and we are confident that you will love it.

Sonia Jewels 14k Yellow Gold Initial Letter G Pendant

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