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DORATA 6 8 Popular standard 15 PC Natural Dryness - Wedding Favorite Selling rankings Bouquet A is

DORATA 6/8/15 PC Natural Dryness - Wedding Bouquet is A Favorite


DORATA 6/8/15 PC Natural Dryness - Wedding Bouquet is A Favorite

Product description

Natural Dryness - Wedding Bouquet Is a Favorite Wedding Color Within The Natural Interior

Product Description:

Color: The color changes between different natural tones, adapt to different environment!

Stems can easily shorten to the required size and adapt to your life atmosphere! Ideal floor and table vases.

Ideal for weddings, home and garden decor, offices, cafes, etc.


The total length of pampa grass is about 60 cm, and the length of flags or down is about 40 cm



When you open the package, the plush toy may drop a little, but that's normal because it's a naturally dry prairie grass. For proper handling, please read the following instructions!

Package Contents:

6/8 x Natural Dryness

DORATA 6/8/15 PC Natural Dryness - Wedding Bouquet is A Favorite



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