$84 We're An American Band [180 Gram] [Gold Vinyl] CDs Vinyl Classic Rock An,CDs Vinyl , Classic Rock,[Gold,[180,American,Gram],$84,Band,/brochidodromous1489148.html,We're,astroritualacademy.com,Vinyl] An,CDs Vinyl , Classic Rock,[Gold,[180,American,Gram],$84,Band,/brochidodromous1489148.html,We're,astroritualacademy.com,Vinyl] $84 We're An American Band [180 Gram] [Gold Vinyl] CDs Vinyl Classic Rock We're An American Band Gold Japan Maker New 180 Gram Vinyl We're An American Band Gold Japan Maker New 180 Gram Vinyl

We're An American Band Gold Japan Maker Bombing new work New 180 Gram Vinyl

We're An American Band [180 Gram] [Gold Vinyl]


We're An American Band [180 Gram] [Gold Vinyl]

Editorial Reviews

With Todd Rundgren producing and their best crop of songs yet, Grand Funk (as they were now called) finally earned the smash their fans knew they deserved. Spending more than eight months on the charts and peaking at #2, this classic of '70s rock kicks off with the thoroughly irresistible title smash and marches on with the hit Walk Like a Man plus Creepin'; the Railroad; Ain't Got Nobody; Loneliest Rider, and more. This limited run puts the album on 180-gram audiophile vinyl for the first time-and the vinyl is gold, as it was in '73!

We're An American Band [180 Gram] [Gold Vinyl]

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