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Kid Max Under blast sales 76% OFF Express Infant Toddler Mary Jane Alma Dress

Kid Express Infant/Toddler Alma Dress Mary Jane


Kid Express Infant/Toddler Alma Dress Mary Jane

Product description

Soft and pliable for her growing feet, this adorable flower-topped Mary Jane is an easy choice for birthday parties, weddings, first communions and other special days. The Alma is crafted with a polished leather upper and features a roomy toe, a cushioned collar, and an easy-to-secure hook-and-loop instep strap. The footbed is perforated for breathability, while the lightweight leather sole and rubber-padded heel provide traction and flexibility to beginning walkers.

European inspired kids' footwear at affordable prices.

Kid Express Infant/Toddler Alma Dress Mary Jane

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