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Humidifiers for Bedroom 4.5L Cool Ranking TOP5 75 Online limited product Mist Humidifier Hours

Humidifiers for Bedroom, 4.5L Cool Mist Humidifier, 75 Hours for


Humidifiers for Bedroom, 4.5L Cool Mist Humidifier, 75 Hours for

From the manufacturer

HD3 white Humidifier


  1. 4.5L/1.18Gal WATER TANK: suitable for large room up to 40m²/430ft².
  2. WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: noise level is 26dB, quieter near falling leaf, suitable for a bedroom.
  3. SMART HUMIDIFIER D: auto shut-off when the water is low, the LED indicator will also become red.
  4. WON'T WET YOUR DESK: 5-8μm atomized particles evaporate quickly, keep your desktop clean.
  5. BPA FREE: safe and durable BPA free material, there is no worry to use in your baby room.
  6. FILTER BALLS: tank cap is attached with some replaceable ceramic filter balls, which could eliminate the bad small.
  7. ADJUSTABLE DIAL KNOB: adjusting the mist level as you will, do your own life master.
  8. 360° NOZZLE: evenly distributing the mist to the large room, let fresh air fill your room.

Humidifiers for Bedroom, 4.5L Cool Mist Humidifier, 75 Hours for

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