WYBFZTT-188 New arrival Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Champagne for Bar WYBFZTT-188 New arrival Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Champagne for Bar Bucket,,astroritualacademy.com,$167,Champagne,/cion1106697.html,Ice,Steel,Bar,for,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bucket,WYBFZTT-188,Stainless $167 WYBFZTT-188 Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, Champagne Bucket for Bar Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $167 WYBFZTT-188 Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, Champagne Bucket for Bar Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Bucket,,astroritualacademy.com,$167,Champagne,/cion1106697.html,Ice,Steel,Bar,for,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bucket,WYBFZTT-188,Stainless

WYBFZTT-188 New arrival Stainless Steel Ice Choice Bucket Champagne for Bar

WYBFZTT-188 Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, Champagne Bucket for Bar


WYBFZTT-188 Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, Champagne Bucket for Bar

Product description


Material: Stainless steel
Type: barrel, cooler
Features: environmental protection, anti-rust, easy to clean
Color: primary color
Due to stable performance and long service life
Size: 12.9*20cm, 15*22.3cm
Uses: beer, wine, champagne, etc.
Applicable space: family, house, bar, coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, banquet, buffet, etc.
Can be fitted a variety of food and non-food substances, such as: wine,ice, champagne, juices, snacks.

WYBFZTT-188 Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, Champagne Bucket for Bar


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