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Flashing Mobile Selling and selling Limited price Car Refrigerator 18l Dual-Use H Vertical

Flashing Mobile Car Refrigerator 18l Car Dual-Use Vertical and H


Flashing Mobile Car Refrigerator 18l Car Dual-Use Vertical and H

Product description


☆Product parameters☆
Name: Household car refrigerator
Capacity: 18L
Power: 30-42W
Voltage: 12V/24V/220V (24V for trucks, please purchase converter separately according to need)
Product size: 29.5*35*46.5cm
Large capacity, can accommodate:
Red wine*4 bottles
Mineral water *12 bottles (550ml per bottle)
Cans drink * 24 cans (330ml per can)

Cooling mode:
Can be set to minus 9 ° C (not to be able to reach minus 9 ° C, cooling is still about 24 ° C lower than room temperature), switch to insulation after reaching the set temperature, when the temperature rises above the set temperature of 3 ° C, re-speed full refrigeration

Heating mode: up to 65 ° C
When it reaches the set temperature, it automatically switches to heat preservation. When the temperature drops to 10 °C below the set temperature, it will reheat at full speed.
★Please note ★
1. Manual measurement of the product may have a slight error of 1-3 cm.
2. There may be inconsistencies due to shooting angles and lighting issues.
3. Most car refrigerators use semiconductor refrigeration, not frozen

Flashing Mobile Car Refrigerator 18l Car Dual-Use Vertical and H

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