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Child Motorcycle New popularity Regular dealer Helmet Cross Goggl ,

Child Motorcycle Helmet , Child Motorcycle Cross Helmet (Goggl


Child Motorcycle Helmet , Child Motorcycle Cross Helmet (Goggl

Product description

Type: Motocross Helmet / Mountain Bike Helmet / Motocross Helmet / Bicycle Helmet / Cross Helmet.
Material: ABS Engineering Plastics + EPS
Weight: 950g Volume: 34 * 25 * 24cm
Size: S: 52-53 cm / M: 54-55 cm / L: 56-57 cm / XL: 58-59 cm.
(Measure the head circumference exactly and choose the size, to get too big or too small.) Applicability: unisex Application scenario: motocross / off road / downhill / MTB / dirt bike / ATV / BMX / quad / mountain bike / beautiful helmet is the best gift for children.
Professional motocross helmet set: including helmet, goggles, face mask, cross-country gloves, keychain
Partially removable and washable lining to keep the helmet
clean, fresh and odorless.
very comfortable fit
D.O.T certification。
Motorcycle gloves: Breathable mesh construction
Reinforced thumb and palm
Secure wrist closure with Velcro construction。
Motorcycle cross goggles:
Clear field of view;
Light frame, comfortable to wear;
The adjustable, non-slip adhesive tape ensures a secure fit.
Motocross helmet net
Size: 40 * 40cm
6 hooks, high elasticity, robust。
Motorcycle driving mask :
Good air permeability Independent fine particles
Excellent ductility, suitable for the face。
Packing list :
1x motocross helmet
1x motocross mask
1x motocross gloves
1x motocross helmet net
1x motocross goggles
1x keychain (Please check on arrival if the product is missing.)

Child Motorcycle Helmet , Child Motorcycle Cross Helmet (Goggl

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