$21 BHDD Chair Pad, Swivel Seat Cushion, Skidproof Antiskid Removabl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Chair,BHDD,Swivel,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Removabl,Antiskid,/karmouth849090.html,$21,Seat,Cushion,,Pad,,Skidproof,astroritualacademy.com Chair,BHDD,Swivel,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Removabl,Antiskid,/karmouth849090.html,$21,Seat,Cushion,,Pad,,Skidproof,astroritualacademy.com BHDD Chair Pad Swivel Seat Removabl Skidproof Cushion Antiskid Brand new BHDD Chair Pad Swivel Seat Removabl Skidproof Cushion Antiskid Brand new $21 BHDD Chair Pad, Swivel Seat Cushion, Skidproof Antiskid Removabl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

BHDD Limited time sale Chair Pad Swivel Seat Removabl Skidproof Cushion Antiskid Brand new

BHDD Chair Pad, Swivel Seat Cushion, Skidproof Antiskid Removabl


BHDD Chair Pad, Swivel Seat Cushion, Skidproof Antiskid Removabl

Product description

1. Effectively reduce pressure on spine and coccyx and relieve back, knee and hip pain.
2. Ideal for pregnant women, new mother or any woman recovering from surgery.
3. Suitable for use in the car, 360 ° rotation, convenient for old people to get off the car.
4. With anti-skid base, preventing the cushion from moving to an inappropriate position.
5. Made from strong and comfortable molded foam, can hold 150kg and feel good to use.
6. Removable cover, easy to wash.

Item Type: Swivel Seat Cushion
Material: Sponge + Fleece
Color: Shown as pictures
Diameter: Approx. 39cm / 15.35inch
Thickness: Approx. 5cm / 1.97inch
Weight: Approx. 1174g

Package Included:
1 x Swivel Seat Cushion

BHDD Chair Pad, Swivel Seat Cushion, Skidproof Antiskid Removabl

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