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BHBXZZDB Desk Seasonal Wrap Introduction Organizer and Accessories Office free Household for

BHBXZZDB Desk Organizer and Accessories for Office and Household


BHBXZZDB Desk Organizer and Accessories for Office and Household

Product description

The multifunctional desk organizer can help you keep your desk tidy! Say goodbye to chaos, it is the best choice for home office, providing a clean environment and saving space.

Multifunctional and innovative design-this retro and durable bookshelf can meet your different storage needs. In addition, the natural color of wood will match your furniture well, and it will become a decorative furniture in your home, very useful and adaptable to different spaces.

Material: solid wood
Size: 52x43x20cm/20.4x17x7.9 inches
Occasion: home, office and school
Storage scene: office, desk, bedroom, living room, storage room, balcony, etc.

Package Included:
1x small bookshelf

Please note:
All the above photos are real. And the color of the photo may vary depending on the monitor settings.
B. We are all manual measurement, please allow 1-2cm error. Thank you for your understanding

BHBXZZDB Desk Organizer and Accessories for Office and Household

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