/kinkcough1489298.html,1.09",Smart,Women,,astroritualacademy.com,with,for,N,Watches,F,Watch,\,A,Sleep,$54,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Monitor, /kinkcough1489298.html,1.09",Smart,Women,,astroritualacademy.com,with,for,N,Watches,F,Watch,\,A,Sleep,$54,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Monitor, N \ A Smart Watches for Women with Monitor mart Sleep 1.09" F Watch $54 N \ A Smart Watches for Women, Watch with Sleep Monitor, 1.09" F Electronics Wearable Technology $54 N \ A Smart Watches for Women, Watch with Sleep Monitor, 1.09" F Electronics Wearable Technology N \ A Smart Watches for Women with Monitor mart Sleep 1.09" F Watch

N \ Ranking TOP14 A Smart Watches for Women with Monitor mart Sleep 1.09

N \ A Smart Watches for Women, Watch with Sleep Monitor, 1.09" F


N \ A Smart Watches for Women, Watch with Sleep Monitor, 1.09" F

Product description


Key Features:
Fitness Watch with Full Touch Color Screen:Newest HD color screen,easy control with the sensitive touch screen
IP67Waterproof Fitness Tracker :IP67waterproof standard,you can wear it when swimming (can't track swimming data)
Sleep Monitor Watch:Automatically monitor and analyze sleep quality
Pedometer Watch:Display steps, calorie, distance, pace and time duration
Smart Watch with Alerts:Receive alerts from call,sms, email,calendar etc.
Charging method: Magnetic charging
Charge Time:2-3 hours
Working Time: 3-5 days
Battery capacity: 180 mAh
Screen: 1.09" color screen
Operation: single touch
App operating system: IOS 8.0 or above, Android4.4 or above

1 x Smart Watch
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User's Manual

N \ A Smart Watches for Women, Watch with Sleep Monitor, 1.09" F

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