$31,Camera,1080P,Toddler,astroritualacademy.com,Cartoon,/labile1489128.html,Digital,Camer,Electronics , Camera Photo,FASJ,Children,Camera, $31 FASJ Toddler Camera, Children Digital Camera 1080P Cartoon Camer Electronics Camera Photo $31,Camera,1080P,Toddler,astroritualacademy.com,Cartoon,/labile1489128.html,Digital,Camer,Electronics , Camera Photo,FASJ,Children,Camera, $31 FASJ Toddler Camera, Children Digital Camera 1080P Cartoon Camer Electronics Camera Photo FASJ Toddler Camera Children Safety and trust Digital Cartoon Camer 1080P FASJ Toddler Camera Children Safety and trust Digital Cartoon Camer 1080P

FASJ Toddler Camera Children Industry No. 1 Safety and trust Digital Cartoon Camer 1080P

FASJ Toddler Camera, Children Digital Camera 1080P Cartoon Camer


FASJ Toddler Camera, Children Digital Camera 1080P Cartoon Camer

Product description

1. Kids digital camera features dual lens and can provide kids with 1080P high definition picture image.
2. A toy toddler camera with a 3.0‑inch touch screen, a rear lens with a wide‑angle design to provide a larger field of view.
3. Eye protection screen can avoid hurting children's eyes. Best toys for Christmas, birthday, holiday gifts for children ages 3‑12 years old.
4. The children's camera's screen display is limited, so it's best to view the original high‑definition photos on your phone or computer and watch them with your child.
5. Built‑in photo sticker, multi‑scene photos, suitable for children and add more fun for kids baby.

How to Use:
Fully charged, press the power button to start using


Item Type: Children Camera
Material: Plastic + electronic components
Lens: Front and rear lenses 3000W
Screen: Touch screen, 3.0-inch, 640 x 360 IPS screen
Support 1080P photography and video
Battery: Lithium V3.7V 800mAh battery (built-in)
Built - in photo sticker, multi - scene photos
Storage: 1GB can store 400 photos or 6 minutes of video
Language: Default English, switchable 8 languages (Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
Charging Time: About 2H
Working Time: 2-2.5h
Size: Approx. 10.5 x 8cm / 4.1 x 3.1in

Photography: Original Photo, Selfie, Smart Focusing, Filter, Timed Photography, Date Tagging
Video: Video recording, selfie video recording
Print: Instantly print photos

1. The built-in 3.7V battery cannot be removed or replaced. If it is damaged, please contact the service for repair
2. Do not intrude the camera into the water and pay attention to moisture-proof and explosion-proof
3. Do not disassemble or change th

FASJ Toddler Camera, Children Digital Camera 1080P Cartoon Camer

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