$56 Shun Classic Clip Point Paring Knife 3.5-inch Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $56 Shun Classic Clip Point Paring Knife 3.5-inch Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Shun Classic Clip Courier shipping free shipping Point Knife 3.5-inch Paring Shun Classic Clip Courier shipping free shipping Point Knife 3.5-inch Paring /lomentum1489238.html,astroritualacademy.com,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Point,$56,Paring,Knife,Classic,Shun,3.5-inch,Clip /lomentum1489238.html,astroritualacademy.com,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Point,$56,Paring,Knife,Classic,Shun,3.5-inch,Clip

Recommended Shun Classic Clip Courier shipping free Point Knife 3.5-inch Paring

Shun Classic Clip Point Paring Knife 3.5-inch


Shun Classic Clip Point Paring Knife 3.5-inch

Product description

The Shun Classic Paring knife is the perfect choice for chopping small foods, such as garlic cloves, scallions, shallots, fruits, and more. Just like your Chef's knife, the Paring knife is quite versatile. Its compact size makes it ideal for peeling, coring, trimming, decorating, and other detail work.

Shun Classic Clip Point Paring Knife 3.5-inch

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