Help us continue reach more children with safety and distribue cloths, food, medicine, education to orphan child and backward people.

We rescue the old people who are disregarded by others in society and give them shelter with high respect and security

We serve healthy and proper nutritional foods, medicines to our charity family. In every year, we organize an annual function including dance, drama and different social activities to make them happy

We give assistance to the poor children for their primary education by providing essential materials of leaning process that helps to achieve their desires and expectations

We save the women who are physically and mentally tortured by in-laws and convey them towards their positive aspects of life



Our organization is a non-profitable organization as we provide educational facility to the students. We arrange an excellent opportunity of study for the children who are in below proverty.



Our organization is open to all, always happy to help the poor and victims. Orphans can find thier home here without any hesistation. The children who are compelled to leave their houses due to some of famiy issues, will get proper guidance under our assistants.



Food and nutrition both are the most important factors for healthy living. Our organization provides proper foods for different aged people. Mainly we are very concern about our food quality. We arrange digestive food which consumes low fat for the old aged people, so that they lead diseasefree life.



Our organization is a charity where the people become facilated through some of health care programs. These includes free medical check up and health awareness program that help to recover all types of health relatded issues.

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save the life to

make the better world

We follow the above slogans which inspires us at each and every moment in our lives.It teaches us to lend a helping hand to the poor and liberate their lives. It is gladly agreeable to donate and give more than to receive. Both of the mental strength and power has the most vital role to fulfill this objective.

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